Fakultas Psikologi Universitas Airlangga


UPP (Psychological Services Unit)

    1. Assessment and Psychotest
    2. Counseling and Psychotherapy
    The provision of counseling and psychotherapy services is carried out in the Psychology Services Unit, handled by a psychologist who has expertise and experience in the field. Counseling and psychotherapy services are carried out on:
    1. Personal issues
      • Feel stressed / frustrated / anxious (clinically).
      • Have difficulty in social interaction with others, e.g.: with girlfriend, friend, co-worker, teacher / lecturer, etc.
      • And so forth.
    2. Family problems
      • Disharmony in the household.
      • Child problems.
      • Problems of interaction in the family, for example: parent-child, in-law-in-law, etc.
      • And so forth.
    3. Education problems
      • Decreasing academic achievement.
      • Learning difficulty.
      • Concentration difficulty.
      • Misbehavior that occurs due to lack of information, e.g.: drug addiction, correct sex knowledge, etc.
      • And so forth.
    4. Developmental problems (physical, social, and psychological).
      • Child hyperactivity.
      • School phobia, can lead to antisocial state.
      • Slow talk or walk. Not every time a child is hampered by physical development due to physiological factors, it could also be due to other emotional or psychological factors.
      • And so forth.
    The Psychology Services Unit also provides certain therapies according to the client's problem. Currently, therapy is focused on educational issues, such as Behavior Therapy (token, positive reinforcement, self-monitoring) for clients who have learning difficulty problems or focusing difficulty.
Applied Psychology Unit Building 2nd Floor, Campus B Universitas Airlangga, Jalan Airlangga 4-6 Surabaya - 60286
Phone: 0857-8508-8185
Email: upp.unair@gmail.com; upp@psikologi.unair.ac.id
Website: upp.psikologi.unair.ac.id
Facilities and infrastructure of Psychological Services Unit include:

  • Counseling room is comfortable, equipped with air conditioning, and is privacy for the sake of client confidentiality.
  • The test room is comfortable, equipped with air conditioning, and avoid crowds so clients can concentrate while doing the test.
  • Tools that its validity and reliability have been tested, and up to date.
  • Playing tools for children's clients.
  • Other tools for the convenience of clients, such as toilets, magazines, and drinking water.
Non physical
  • Friendly service from UPP staff to clients.
  • The psychologists are reliable and experienced in handling various cases.
  • Confidentiality of the identity of the client (identity, problems, etc.).
The last mentioned above is the key we hold in the service provided by the Psychology Services Unit. By maintaining client confidentiality, we also maintain the trust that clients provide to us.
  • Giving Free Counseling on UNAIR Dies Natalis at Tunjungan Plaza
  • Participated together with autistic children in "Walk for Autism" activities in Grand City
  • Work with IOM to handle immigrants from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan
  • In cooperation with FKKDAC and SBO (Local TV Surabaya) provide information to the public with the theme:
    • Children Down Syndrome
    • Children with special needs
    • Mentally disabled
    • Influence of IT technology in children
    • The right level of education for children
    • What to do to fill a long vacation
Provide professional psychology services based on psychology code of ethics and religious morals.

Organize professional psychology services in an effort to:
  • Apply psychological theory in its efforts to help solve individual and group problems.
  • Support the development of education and learning process.
  • Support the implementation of basic research and applied psychology.
  • Improve community service program.
Psychology Services Unit is a formally established institution and is under the auspices of Faculty of Psychology Universitas Airlangga. Structurally, Psychology Service Unit is one of Applied Psychology Unit from Faculty of Psychology UNAIR which initially as dharma/dedication for society psychology in Surabaya.