Anak Ceria Early Education Center

Become a place and friend for children to be able to grow and develop optimally in a diverse and child-friendly environment, so that they are cheerful and happy.

  • PAUD Anak Ceria provides education in the form of stimulation to optimize children's development potential in every aspect.
  • PAUD Anak Ceria invites children to play while learning, learning while playing with interesting learning activities.
  • PAUD Anak Ceria invites children to learn and play in diverse environments (diverse backgrounds of friends such as physical, intellectual, social, emotional, linguistic, religious and cultural conditions).
  • PAUD Ceria Anak invites teachers, parents, and all people to always be friendly and understand the needs of children.
  • PAUD Anak Ceria provides education services that are easily accessible to all people, and conducts development for early childhood education and disseminates fun learning concepts.
Education Service Model
The educational model used is inclusive education that puts normal children and children with special needs in the learning process of togetherness. Early Childhood Education Anak Ceria Playgroup - Inclusive Kindergarten, opens new classes to:




3,5 – 4,5 years

Kindergarten A

4,5 – 5,5 years

Kindergarten B

5,5 – 7 years

Up until now there have been 2 lecturers of Education and Development of Faculty of Psychology UNAIR that are involved, becoming a resource in the rubric of "highlights and consultation".
The lecturers involved are Mrs. Nur Ainy Fardana, M.Psi., and Mrs. Veronika Suprapti, MS.Ed.
Address: Kampus B UNAIR, Jl. Dharmawangsa Dalam Selatan 22 Surabaya
Phone/WA: 0822-2908-3339
Facebook: Anak Ceria
Instagram: Laboratorium PAUD Anak Ceria

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