Fakultas Psikologi Universitas Airlangga


PKPK (Crisis Centre and Community Development)

  1. Applied psychology studies and research Conduct studies and research with the perspective of applied psychology in the frame of theoretical models of social psychology, either independently, or collaboratively with others about the various dimensions of the problems of Indonesian society. This study and research is an application and development concept and theory of social psychology in the context of Indonesian society. Studies and research can serve as part of data collection, research of a particular social phenomenon or policy-oriented research.
  2. Preparation of social problem solving model based on social psychology study
    • PKPK is competent in the basic study of one social problem to find the basic variables and the dynamics of social issues. The output of this activity is a comprehensive and communicative working paper / policy paper / policy brief for common people and policy makers, both in written and multimedia reports.
    • PKPK is competent to arrange a model of social problem solving based on social psychology study. This activity starts from the community assessment stage, problem analysis, solution preparation, model testing, implementation phase up to model evaluation.
    • PKPK is competent to design a model of community activities aimed at corporate social responsibility (CSR) and institutional social responsibilities (ISR). This activity is based on an analysis of the typical social characteristics and needs of local communities, the principles of corporate social responsibility and the institutions concerned, and the repertoire of social psychology studies. The model of corporate social responsibility activities and institutions is thus expected to be not only focused on meeting the needs of the physical aspect of society, but also meeting the psychological needs of the community.
  1. Design of social intervention in the context of disaster situation management This section is the focus of the Crisis Center and Community Development (PKPK). Activities undertaken are studies and research in the field of disaster management both at the level of disaster mitigation / reduction, disaster response (rapid response), and post-disaster recovery phase.
  2. Training in the field of applied social psychology and community empowerment model This activity is an effort to educate the community with the main objective is to encourage people to be empowered in solving their own problems, as well as one of the diversification of competence of Center for Crisis and Community Development (PKPK), both academic and common people.
Applied Psychology Unit Building 3rd Floor, Campus B Universitas Airlangga, Jalan Airlangga 4-6 Surabaya - 60286

Phone: 031-5032770 Ext. 307

Contact person: Rizqy Amelia Zein (08563174903 - amelia.zein@psikologi.unair.ac.id)
Developing a model of social problem solving as an application aspect of applied social psychology in order to create a society that is prosperous and socially just.

The Crisis Center and Community Development (PKPK) seeks to be:
  • Center for applied psychology in the context of Indonesian society
  • Center for applied research development as well as community assessment and social analysis
  • Center for social problem solving model based on social psychology study
  • Center of applied social psychology study information and social problem solving model and community empowerment based on social psychology study
Participative for a self-reliant community