Fakultas Psikologi Universitas Airlangga


LP3T (Laboratory of Study and Development of Applied Psychology)

    I. Psychological Assessment

    Psychological assessment is important information to determine the accuracy of a person on the upcoming job that is to be occupied. In essence, the information is used to predict the likelihood of one's effectiveness in a work position. So, with the information that has been obtained from the test results, selection, placement and or promotion activities can be done more effectively.
    Our psychological assessment services are:

    1. Psychological Assessment For Selection
    • Blitz Assessment
    • Regular Selection
    • Discover a Star
    2. Assessment For Evaluation
    • Regular Evaluation
    • Competency Assessment
    3. Fit & Proper Test

    II. Intervention in the Organization

    Intervention in the organization is a development within the organization covering the development of human resources and the development of the organization itself. Various forms of psychological training and human resource development as well as a variety of positive psychology research have become one of our institutional services.
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Email: lp3t@psikologi.unair.ac.id
Website: lp3t.psikologi.unair.ac.id
Imagining, Learning & Creating for Life

  1. Assess and develop a positive psychology assessment and intervention approach
  2. Conduct positive psychological assessment and intervention for the development of work and organization quality in Indonesia
  3. Take an active role in realizing a coveted common life in Indonesia
“The Pioneer of Positive Psychology in Indonesia”