Fakultas Psikologi Universitas Airlangga


PTPP (Center of Applied Educational Psychology)

    A. Assessment
    Psychological measurements using psychological testing tools adjusted to the needs, that are Intelligence Tests, Interest Talent Tests, Psychological Potential Mapping Tests (IQ, Talent of Interest and Personality), Academic Potential Tests (TPA), Identification of Smart Intelligent (Screening and Filtering), School Readiness Tests (SD).

    B. Counseling
    The process of psychological intervention by using appropriate intervention techniques, that is The Counseling of Child and Adolescent Development, Vocational Counseling (Selection of Major in High School and Higher Education), Gifted Children Counseling (Personal Development and Handling of Intelligent Student Problems), Learning Problem Counseling.

    C. Consultation and Psycho-education
    Consulting and Psycho-education for the benefit of:
    1. Classroom Teacher Assistance, Counseling Teachers and Accelerated Program Administrators in optimizing personal development, talent development and the ability of Smart Intelligent Participants (PDCI) as well as improvement of accelerated program services such as Training for Acceleration Class Teachers which includes PDCI Identification, Characteristics and Potential PDCI Problems, Education Strategy (Class Management Method, teaching method), Motivation Improvement, Design Evaluation.
    2. Parents' Assistance for Smart Intelligent Participants (PDCI), in order to understand the characteristics of giftedness and development needs of their sons / daughters, and to provide appropriate care and education.
    3. Other trainings include:
      • Achievement Motivation of Teachers and Students
      • Cooperation (Teacher Teamwork)
      • Social Skill or Soft Skills
      • Model of ABK Education and Inclusion (Inclusivity & Inclusive Education)
      • Parenting
      • Growth and Early Childhood Care Patterns
      • and others
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