Fakultas Psikologi Universitas Airlangga



Intake Period: Annually

Duration: 5 Semesters (44 credits)

Courses: Full time

Lectures: On Campus

Admission Informations: PPMB UNAIR Website


The Psychology Master Professional Program is a further education program designed to produce graduates who are competent in providing professional psychology services, both in the clinical, industrial and organizational realms. This program focuses on developing psychological skills and practical abilities, as well as the application of psychological knowledge in solving individual, organizational and societal problems.

The three specializations available in this program are Clinical Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and Educational Psychology. The program's curriculum consists of theoretical and practical courses, which aim to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a professional psychologist.



To become an independent, innovative, leading study program at the national and international levels, a pioneer in the development of science, technology, humanities, and the arts based on psychology based on religious morality.


  1. Organizing academic and professional psychology education based on modern learning methods.
  2. Carrying out basic and applied research in the field of psychology that is innovative to support the development of education and community service.
  3. Dedicating expertise in the field of psychology to the community.
  4. Striving for independence in the implementation of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education through the development of modern management institutions that are quality oriented and competitive.


  1. Producing graduates who meet the expected competency qualifications, such as:
    1. Professionalism, namely practicing psychology in accordance with expertise, responsibilities, collegial, psychological ethics and laws related to the psychology profession.
    2. Mastery of psychological science and the scientific foundations of the master's level, namely mastering the scientific basis of the master's degree and relevant psychology as a basis for professionalism and the development of psychology.
    3. Mastery of psychological assessment, namely psychological examination efforts that include the application of psychological diagnostic methods (including observation, interviews and psychological test tools), interpreting assessment results and preparing psychological examination reports in an integrative manner in accordance with the chosen majoring field of psychology.
    4. Mastery of psychological interventions, namely efforts to improve the psychological well-being of individuals, groups, communities and organizations based on the results of psychological assessments through the chosen field of psychology. The intervention process includes designing, implementing, and evaluating efforts to overcome psychological problems experienced or developed.
    5. Practice management, namely managing psychological services and practices in accordance with the Indonesian psychology code of ethics in a responsible manner.
    6. Applied research capability (application of knowledge), namely designing, implementing, and compiling applied research reports relating to the psychology profession and publishing them in academic forums and media, at least within the internal circles of the university concerned.
    7. The ability to transfer knowledge, namely transferring, transmitting, teaching applied psychology (basics of assessment and theoretical basis of intervention), while in the general public (application of psychological principles in adjusting psychological problems).
  1. Producing applied and innovative research that encourages the development of science.
  2. Producing community service through the study and development of applied psychology that is useful for the welfare of Indonesian people.
  3. Participate in realizing the independence of Airlangga University which is adaptive, creative, proactive towards the demands of strategic environmental developments.
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